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Dr. Vartak Lalita R.

Principal since 16/10/2006

Date of Birth: 30/9/1965 | Date of Appointment: 02/09/96

Educational and Professional Qualifications: M.Ed. 1988 Distinction, M.A. 1993  | NET 1993 | Ph.D 2002

Papers Published Papers Presented at Conferences Books/Chapters written and published

Research Guidance

Other Achievements
State National International State National International M.Phil Ph.D 3
2 5 5 2 5 2 2 12






Other Information:

Awards: Dr.R.H.Dave Prerana Puraskar for academic contribution to the field of education

             Member of the syllabus committee of the B.Ed.programme of the SPPU

             Member of the committee of the Balbharati for the preparation of English Textbooks