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Adarsha Shikshan Mandali

47/17, Erandawane, Karve Road, Pune – 411004 

Other Contact Details:

Abhinava Vidyalaya Eng.Med.Pre-Primary School 020-25433063
Abhinava Vidyalaya Eng.Med.Primary School 020-25443937
Abhinava Vidyalaya Eng.Med.High School 020-25442812
Abhinava Vidyalaya Marathi Medium High School 020-25431018
Adarsha Comprehensive College of Education and Research 020-25433804

Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium High School (AVEMHS): 

47/16 Karve Road, Pune-411004

Ph.No.: +91-020-25442812

Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium Primary School (AVEMPS)
102/103 Erandavana,off Paud Phata,
Pune – 411038
Ph: +91-020-25443937

Location:Behind Dashbhuja Ganapati temple

E-mail avemps@asmpune.in

Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium Pre-Primary School (AVEMPPS)

47/9A, Erandavane,  Off  Karve Road,  Nal  Stop

PUNE – 411 004

Phone No. – 25433063

Email Id – hm.avempps@asm.ac.in

Abhinava Vidyalaya Marathi Medium Pre Primary School (AVMMPPS)

पत्ता – एरंडवणा, कर्वे रोड

दूरध्वनी क्र. – २५४६८५४०

पुणे – ४११००४

ई – मेल –avmmpreprimary@asm.ac.in

Abhinava Vidyalaya Marathi Medium Primary School (AVMMPS)

पत्ता – एरंडवणा, कर्वे रोड

दूरध्वनी क्र. – 020 25430873

पुणे – ४११००४

ई – मेल –avmmpreprimary@asm.ac.in

Abhinava Vidyalaya Marathi Medium High School (AVMMHS)

४७/१७, एरंडवणा, कर्वे रोड, पुणे ४११००४

फोन: २५४३१०१८

Adarsha Vidyalay Marathi School (AVMS)
१३६६/६७, शुक्रवार पेठ, नातूबाग, पुणे ४११००२
शाळेची वेळ: सोम ते शुक्र – सकाळी ७.२० ते दुपारी १२.३०
शनिवार – सकाळी ७.२० ते दुपारी १०.३०
फोन: २४४७७३०६

Adarsha Vidyalay Girls High School (AVGHS)

१३६७/६८, शुक्रवार पेठ, नातूबाग, पुणे ४११००२

फोन: २४४७६५४२

Sou. Sushilabai Veerkar High School (SSVHS)

१३६७, शुक्रवार पेठ, नातूबाग, पुणे ४११००२
फोन: २४४७२२१६

Adarsha Comprehensive College of Education & Research (ACCER)


47/16, Erandwane,

Opp. Karve Telephone Exchange,

Near Nal stop, Karve Road,

Pune – 411004

Telephone Number: (020) 25433084

Email id: accer@asm.ac.in

Adarsha Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)

47/17, Erandawane, Karve Road,Off Karve Road Telephone Exchange Pune411 004

Phone : 25450048/ 25436374

Email: aiit@asm.ac.in

Adarsha  Institute  of  English  Language

Address:  47/16, Erandawana, Karve Road, Nal Stop, Pune 4

Phone No: 25462668

E-Mail: aiel@asm.ac.in

For any kind of feedback/comments/suggestions please feel free to contact : secretary@asm.ac.in