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         The Post Graduate Programme aims at providing professional business education for developing the students conceptual and operational skills.

To become a dependable launching pad for aspiring students for meaningful careers in business and industry.

Commitment to keep the cost of education low to both privileged and under privileged students.



I believe strongly in the innocence on the part of my students and therefore, I like to be student-Friendly. I feel like accepting the challenge to change their hearts and minds.  And in most of the cases I experience that even vagabond students change their mind and attitude after a period of time provided they come to know that in their teacher they have a mother’s love. I have now realized that the present day students are more intelligent  and more open-minded than their teachers and I have, therefore, no hesitation in saying that I learn more from them. The students learn more from outside environment. I have always found that the present day students  are transparent in their thinking and more outspoken.

I strongly believe that harsh and strict regulatory modes of discipline eventually do not serve the purpose. My experiment of giving full autonomy to the students in attending the classes has not been misused by my students. I find special time to interact individually with each student to the extent possible and this interaction gives me as well as to the students a sense of belonging. I believe in value-based education.

This century is considered to be century for enterprising youngsters. Those who would undertake a meaningful career with commitment, confidence and creativity, would be able to secure responsible positions not only in the industry and business but also in the larger society.